: Krysten grew up in Mineola Tx, graduating from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School with honors, she quickly established herself as a vital backbone in the industry working in various lead and chef positions. Krysten discovered her love of Asian cuisine working with Spin; later becoming Sous Chef at Epicerie, and then Catering lead at Peached Tortilla. A lifetime of dreaming, hard work, saving, and planning. In December of 2019, she finally took the plunge moving to  Denton Texas to start a restaurant. Blind Fox . Momentum began building in March of 2020; winning a first competition hosted by Armadillo Ale; events soon began lining up.

Then Ms. Rona stormed in.... closing & shutting down the food industry. 

Adapt and overcome. A long-lived motto at Blind Fox held true. Plus a Big thank you to my Investor for never doubting in Blind Fox 

When doors and windows slammed shut you dig down deep.. Failure is never an option. So Blind Fox began working with local farms to produce fresh canned and jarred goods. Meeting a lot of people, together they united  to make it through the hardest parts of the pandemic.  In June of 2020; The Blind Fox Team successfully opened the first food truck In Canton TX, serving traditionally inspired Hispanic cuisine. No canned good Here is always our Motto. January of 2021 Blind Fox opened their second location in Denton TX, serving eclectic Asian-inspired cuisine. Now located at Denton County Brewery 200 E. McKinney, Denton, Tx. 

March 2021 Blind Fox won first place Grand Champion in Eighter in Decatur Food Truck Challenge.

Gaining high accolades and write-ups in the local newspaper.

Then Blind Fox repeated in March 2022 when Blind Fox won the honor of Most Unique Food

About Blind Fox

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To provide Award winning Chef Prepared Cuisine from a first class food trailer kitchen. Using only the freshest hand prepared ingredients, No can goods used here. Expand our customers taste palate with the perfect  combination of savory herbs, special spices, farm vegtables, fresh cuts of meats combined to prefection. 

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