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2021 Winner "Grand Champion"

2022 Winner "Most Unique Food"

2023 Winner "Tastiest Food Truck"

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Blind Fox
200 E. McKinney

Denton Tx

Fusion of Flavors Cuisine

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Executive Chef Owned Food Truck  preparing  Award Winning Food  Serving an assortment of seasonal   Cuisine with a perfectly balanced Fusion of Flavors


To Blind Fox
Fusion of Flavors

About the Chef

Graduate from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School with honors, she  discovered her love of Asian cuisine working with Spin; later becoming Sous Chef at Epicerie, and then Catering lead at Peached Tortilla. . In December of 2019, she finally took the plunge moving to  Denton Texas to start a restaurant. Blind Fox . 

Then Ms. Rona stormed in closing shutting down the food industry. 

In June of 2020; The Blind Fox Team successfully opened the first food truck In Canton TX, serving traditionally inspired Hispanic cuisine. No canned goods used Here is always the Motto. January of 2021 Blind Fox opened their second location in Denton TX, serving eclectic Fusion-inspired cuisine. Now located at Denton County Brewery 200 E. McKinney, Denton, Tx. 

Chef Krysten

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Fine Dining prepared from our perfectly designed Food Trailer Kitchen

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